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Roof Coatings has become one of the more popular solutions for commercial customers of Renown Roofing and Construction. You will discover several really good reasons why informed stewards of commercial properties are choosing roof top coating and by looking over this information you as well will see the significant advantages of this particular service offered by Renown Roofing and Construction.

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Roofing coating are a completely adhered and monolithic fluid that’s utilized in the top of roofing surface areas; so this coat will become the top layer of protection and defense for the under-lying membrane of your roofing system.

It’s flexibility enables it to be accommodating to deal with North Texas temperature changes. Depending on the roof, Coating applied can ranges from 3 mils to 40 mils thick determined by specs desired and needed.

Elastomeric roof coatings form an “elastic” membrane on the top of your current roof. Since it extends and contracts, it can not crack like many roof materials. This will make your roofing watertight and weatherproof.

Initial line of Protection – Since coats are the top covering of your roofing system which means that it receives the hard impact of infrared and ultraviolet sun light, rain, hail and physical damage.

Prolonged Roof Life – This is another excellent benefit, which can be longer roof life. Simply because roof coatings ends up being your roof system’s first line of defense against the elements, your more costly roof has the ability to last and function for much longer than it would without the coat.

Lower Energy Expense – Roof Coatings which contains white elastomeric is known as “Cool Roofs,” by Energy Star Systems, for the reason that they reflect the temperature and also sunlight away from your roof therefore your air conditioning does not need to work nearly as hard in the lengthy, very hot Texas summer time sun. It could reduce your energy bill by about 20%

This specific roof coatings are highly proven to work that the Federal government has established tax incentives for energy-saving improvements, including cool roofing coatings ! Now that really is cool isn’t it?
It’s 100% tax deductible!

Decreases And Wipes out Difficulties – Coats lessens and eliminates roofing leaks, ponding and also decay from developing. So then, this minimizes repairs along with the repair costs which come along with them.

There’s a host of additional benefits to be enjoyed with roof coating. We would like to discuss all the benefits and provide you with a zero cost roofing estimate for your commercial project so you are able to move forward with getting your roofing system protected.

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