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Rockwall, Texas Roofing Services

As a homeowner, you likely know the importance of a solid roof. Unfortunately, roofs do not last forever. On average, a shingled roof is going to last between twenty and thirty years before needing to be replaced. This does not mean your roof will not suffer damage during that lifespan. We are Renown Roofing & Construction, a family-owned business that takes pride in serving the residents of Rockwall, TX and surrounding areas. If you need Texas Roofers, look no further. 

How Stable Is Your Roof?

Roof damage can happen quickly during a storm, but it can also occur gradually. Although roofing materials are meant to stand up to years of weather exposure, damage can slowly happen. We recommend homeowners check their roofs for signs of problems often, and especially after storms. 

A stable roof provides protection for a home and makes it less likely to become damaged by water. Rain, snow, and sleet can all wreak havoc on a home if the roof is not in a protective state. Should homeowners notice any of the following, it is time to contact our Roofing Experts right away. With our extensive services and certified roofers, you can rest assured your home is in good hands. 

Changes to the shingles are something all homeowners should watch for. When we perform a roof inspection, this is one of the first steps we take. Checking shingles is done at the ground level and at the roof level. Signs of shingle damage include curling, splitting, and missing shingles. You may also notice a lot of roof granules in the gutters and downspouts. 

Leaks are another common reason homeowners call us. Leaks will begin to occur if the roof has been compromised in any way. The flashings are an area of concern because they are more likely to become damaged in weather events. Shingle issues can also lead to leaks. 

Do You Need Roof Repair Services?

When issues begin to arise with your roof, it is imperative you give us a call right away. We can even offer emergency services to secure your home after a storm. Our repair services are second to none, and there is a reason so many homeowners in Rockwall rely on our services. We offer a free roofing consultation to allow you to understand what repairs need to be carried out for your home. 

We take a methodical approach to roof repairs and treat our customers like family. Our roofers are fully certified, and we offer guarantees every homeowner will feel great peace of mind when hiring us for roof repairs. 

Do You Need a New Roof?

The average shingled roof is going to last twenty to thirty years before needing to be replaced, as long as it has been properly maintained. When a home’s roof is reaching the end of its lifespan and damages are occurring, it is time to consider a replacement. 

There are many roof material options when it comes to having your new roof installed. We guide homeowners through the entire process and work to ensure they understand their options and can make the best choice for their homes. 

We will expertly take off the old roofing materials and replace them, making sure to inspect the decking thoroughly for any signs of damage. We make a concerted effort to ensure your new roof is beautiful, adds value to your home, and is safe and durable. 

What About Your Gutters?

The gutters of a roof are extremely important for protecting the home’s foundation. When the gutters begin to rust, sag, or become damaged, they need to be repaired or replaced right away. Our Gutter Experts are the professionals to call for all your gutter needs. No job is too big or too small, and we work to ensure a stress-free process for all. 

Get Peace of Mind Now

Our services provide homeowners with the peace of mind they need, knowing their roof is durable and safe for their family. The roof of a home should match its design and offer protection for many years to come. We are here for our customers in Rockwall and take pride in serving their needs. 

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Dealing with roof issues can be stressful, but we work to make it more bearable. We offer the skills, experience, tools, and certifications. Homeowners in Rockwall, TX can rely on for all their roofing repair and installation needs.

When damages begin to arise, we suggest homeowners do not wait to seek our services. A compromised roof can allow for all types of water damage to begin occurring inside and out. The longer homeowners wait, the greater the damage and expense. 


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