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Westlake, Texas Roofing Services

Roofing problems come in all shapes and severities, with some requiring simple repairs and others demanding a complete replacement. When the homeowners of Westlake experience roof-related issues, they can depend on a team of skilled Texas Roofers to administer restoration or re-roofing services quickly and efficiently. Fully certified and highly trained, Renown Roofing & Construction skilled contractors bring plenty of experience and craftsmanship to every project.

Free Roof Inspections Will Identify All Troublesome Areas

Many homeowners don’t realize that there is a problem with their roof until water damage becomes visible on the ceiling or shingles appear to be askew or missing. When this occurs, those property owners need to contact a team of roofers that service the Westlake, TX, area to receive a free roofing inspection. This service will reveal the extent of the damage and identify any other potential problems. The roofer will quickly be able to determine if adequate repairs can be made or if the roof requires a full replacement.

A Damaged Roof Doesn’t Always Necessitate a Full Covering Replacement

Just because a roof has sustained damage doesn’t mean it will require replacement. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as replacing some broken shingles or applying a new layer of sealant around flashing. In other instances, a deteriorating section of decking can be cut out, fit with new pieces, and covered back over with a tight layer of singles. Regardless of the situation, a team of Roofing Experts can consult with the customer to recommend the best course of action before any repair work is completed.

New Roof Installation is a Great Opportunity to Upgrade

When the time comes for a new roof, homeowners can take the opportunity to change the look of their home after evaluating the pros and cons of various roofing materials. Companies like Renown Roofing & Construction offer a variety of roof coverings ranging from asphalt shingle or durable metal roofing to elegant clay tile or rustic cedar shake. Changing the roofing material can give a home a whole new image and increase the market value, especially if the materials are certified to last longer than basic asphalt shingles. Homeowners just need to be sure that the composition of the material and regional climate are compatible so the materials don’t suffer any adverse effects after installation. 

The Customer Always Knows Best

Of course, homeowners can always choose to re-roof with the same materials that are already on the roof. A team specialist will take measurements of the entire area to determine the cost of materials and the amount of labor needed. They will then quote pricing on the various coverings a homeowner has an interest in so they can easily decide on the material that best fits their budget.

Taking the Hassle Out of Insurance Claims

Storm damage to a roof should not be left to cause further deterioration while the homeowner is wrestling with their insurance company over the repair process. Fortunately, companies like Renown Roofing that service Westlake, TX, have insurance consultants on staff who will assess the damage, write up a detailed estimate, and personally meet with the insurance adjuster to take care of the claim details. The homeowner doesn’t have to deal with the stress of making numerous phone calls, setting up meetings with various individuals, and then hoping the finalized claim is accurate enough to cover all of the damage that needs to be repaired.

Improve Both the Gutter System and Character of a Home

Whether a homeowner is moving into a new place with outdated, barely functioning guttering or their current system isn’t 100% effective, they should contact a team of Gutter Experts to assess the situation. These professionals will devise a new seamless guttering replacement system that is cut to fit the exact dimensions of the home so that it flows smoothly along the facade without unsightly splices, joints, or seams. This system drastically cuts down the potential for leaking, and its minimal visual approach increases the overall curb appeal.

No More Perilous Cleaning Required

Another advantage of seamless gutters is their low-maintenance design. Companies like Renown Roofing design guttering in a manner that helps eliminate the chance for debris to collect or small animals to nest inside. Occasionally spraying pressurized water through the system is all it takes to clean them out, relieving homeowners of the tiring chore of scooping out debris by hand multiple times a year.

A Skilled Repair Service Can Adapt to Any Circumstance

Individuals who aren’t ready to purchase a seamless system can still call on the professionals to repair their traditional k-style guttering when damage occurs. These guttering experts have plenty of supplies on hand, are trained on proper repair and installation techniques, and can fabricate odd-shaped parts for complex areas. Rather than risk their safety on a DIY repair by purchasing parts from the local home improvement center, homeowners should rely on the thorough gutter repair services located in Westlake, TX.

Don’t Let Small Problems Fester

Roof and gutter issues should never be ignored since they can lead to devastating property damage. When a problem is noticed, no matter how insignificant it may seem, homeowners need to call on experienced roofers to provide sound advice.


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