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TPO roofing in DFW by Renown Roofing and Construction Company provides you with energy reductions, as well as durable proper protection for the commercial structure with a commercial TPO roof system. It withstands hail, leaking, and tearing in the most severe of the North Texas weather conditions. Single ply membrane TPO roofing systems are ideally suited for flat roofs.

TPO Roofing Repair and Replacement

You can begin cost-cutting on electric power bills almost instantly as well as being economical long lasting with much less frequent repairs and reasonably priced routine maintenance plans.

Benefits associated with a Commercial TPO Roof

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) is a very flexible composition of polypropylene and also ethylene propylene which is well suited for any existing flat or low-sloped surface area for your current commercial building.

TPO roofing in the DFW Metro Locations will almost certainly decrease the routine maintenance headaches associated with other significantly less durable commercial roof systems

It is rubber-like, expands and contracts with structure fluctuation as well as local climate variances. A TPO roof system lessens the associated risk of breaks and peeling that happen to various other commercial roofing construction materials.

Commercial TPO roofs are beneficial to our environment and energy efficient, helping save you serious money the entire year long, especially in the excessive summer high temperatures of the North Dallas – Plano area.

Wide-spread use first started around 2003. Since that time, this membrane is undoubtedly the quickest and easiest ever-growing single-ply commercial roof structure material in the nation.

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Commercial TPO roofing by Renown Roofing and Construction is economical to install which enable it to be successfully done fairly quickly. It is essentially rolled out then safely and securely adhered to the roof top decking. The sides are heat-welded at seams and intrusions. To help you fully achieve the amazing benefits, expert installation by Renown Roofing is essential.

Correct attachment is extremely important in windy environments. You then will undoubtedly be guaranteed that blowing wind is not going to lift up the edges. Your current operations is definitely secure, as well as your contents protected. We are the professional roof contractor to undertake the job in the correct way.

You should incorporate this single-ply membrane with top-quality insulating material. This is going to maintain your building warmer in winter season in addition to cooler in the summertime. In addition it provides a minor downward slope that sheds standing rainwater. You’ll have even much greater leak protective qualities along with a long lasting functional life cycle.

You can be confident that we know this material. We have been applying Thermoplastic Olefin since it emerged in the marketplace, and we certainly have also been meeting the area’s commercial roofing needs.



Installation of a Commercial TPO Roof

Conserve Energy with a Commercial TPO Roof

Commercial TPO Roofing by Renown Roofing Company helps you to save energy. The best suited color selection, insulating material together with ballasting can certainly make commercial TPO roofing an energy-saving dynamo all throughout the year. It will be an efficient Cool Roof, with a primary solar reflectance with a minimum of .70 and an initial thermal emittance of .75. Which means that you are going to see a reduction in both air conditioning as well as heating expenses.

It can save you in energy costs of heating and cooling your business, freeing up money in your financial budget for various other priorities.
TPO is both of these ENERGY STAR compliant and Cool Roof Rating Council qualified. Your occupants will certainly feel comfortable all year long – and also at a cost savings to you!

It reflects an average eighty percent of Ultraviolet radiation – significantly above the sixty five percentage minimum necessary for ENERGY STAR compliance.

A cool surface area will reduce electric demand, reducing your carbon footprint. It will be an effective way for you to demonstrate to the local community you care about the the natural environment.

Commercial TPO roofing is thick even more reflective compared with conventional rubber roofing, therefore the HVAC won’t need to perform as hard, minimizing your maintenance expenses.

Renown Roofing and Construction carries full product lines of TPO roofing materials for your commercial roof installation, Commercial Roof Product manufacturers GAF – Firestone – GenFlex – CertainTeed

We are:
GAF Certified
GenFlex Certified
Firestone Certified

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